Kynetykon Multipurpose Outdoor Pocket Blanket - 55"x70"

The Kynetykon Pocket Blanket is a 55"x70" and 0.5 lbs lightweight, soft and waterproof high-quality nylon tarp, packed in a compact portable drawstring pouch.

- beautiful gift box - a great idea to offer a practical present
- 1 multi-purpose ground cloth with 4 corner pockets and 6 anchoring loops
- 1 drawstring bag for easy carrying
- 1 clip carabiner
- 6 plastic ground tent stakes
- 1 leaflet with useful information and instructions for use



The Kynetykon Pocket Blanket for outdoor activities has multiple uses and it's very versatile. Many customers asked us questions on Amazon about its features and we gathered them all here. We hope you will find them useful.

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Why should I need a Kynetykon pocket blanket?

Because the Kynetykon pocket blankets are: Compact / Foldable / Easy to Carry / Lightweight 0.5 lbs / Waterproof / Dustproof / Ripstop / Durable / Easy to unfold / Easy to anchor down with the 6 stakes for the 6 loops / Easy to Wash and Clean

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How much does this item weight?

The Kynetykon Pocket Blanket is very light and easy to carry. It weights 8.4 ounces or 0.52 pounds or 238 grams.

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Is this blanket big enough for the whole family (2 adults and 2 kids)?

Yes! Unfolded, the Kynetykon Pocket Blanket has an IDEAL SIZE of 55"x70" - we designed it to fit 2 persons lying down in maximum comfort, but it’s also enough for 4 persons seated.

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Which side goes up? Does it matter or can I use it on both sides?

The side with the logo printed on goes up. the side with the blue corner pockets goes down

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What is the folded size? And what is the size of the bag laid flat?

The folded size is 4 inch wide x 6 inch tall, about the size of an iPhone 6 Plus.

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What is this material the blanket is made of?

The material is called PU Coated 300T 70D Nylon. It's a 100% ripstop new 2017 high-end and Premium Nylon Fabric, which has outstanding qualities: water repellent, durable, fast dry, sand-proof, resistant to puncture, tearing and ripping, windproof.

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Will sand stick to this?

Most of the sand can easily be removed by shaking the blanket after use - it has a waterproof side that the sand just slides right off of. To get everything off, you can simply hose or shower down the blanket.

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Does this feel plastic material or more cotton cloth like material?

Synthetic but not plastic like. It's definitely not cotton cloth like material. The Kynetykon outdoor blanket is made of high-quality nylon, therefore it has more of a light tarp-like feel to it. Not only is it extremely durable, but also highly comfortable to sit on thanks to the satin fabric finish.

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Can you clean it easily? How do you clean it? Is it machine washable?

Yes, it cleans easily. Hand wash on cold water with mild soap, or in a washing machine, on a light cycle. Also, if it’s not too dirty, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth. After washing the blanket you want to air dry it on a line - do not use the dryer!

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Is it possible to iron the blanket?

No, we strongly advise you NOT TO IRON the Kynetykon pocket blanket! The heat from the iron will permanently damage the blanket.

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Does it come with something to secure the loops to the ground? Does this come with stakes or tent pegs? How long are the stakes?

The Kynetykon pocket blanket comes with 6 plastic stakes that are 5.7 inch long, enough to place your blanket in a safe and stable manner during any kind of weather, on any type of terrain.

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Would you be able to sleep on this blanket? Is it a warm blanket to cover up with, or mostly just for using to cover the ground to lay on?

No. It is mostly used to cover the ground to lay on. Definitely not a warm blanket to cover up. It’s thin, like a sheet made of nylon. But it is waterproof, which would be beneficial if you planned to sleep on it, and it would certainly be warmer than no blanket in terms of insulation. If you were to wrap it around your legs or your shoulders, for example, it will trap your body heat and provide some warmth.

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Is it warm enough for airplane travel?

We wouldn't recommend it for that purpose, however you might find it useful during an airplane travel, if you have no other solution in handy. You can block the air currents from the cabin, while efficiently keep the body warmth around you.

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Is it insulating? Does it help keep you warm as a tent footprint when backpacking?

The Kynetykon pocket blanket has been designed to be waterproof, mildew and puncture resistant and is made from a high quality, lightweight nylon material - as such, it is not an insulating blanket. If you were to use it as a footprint when camping, it will help protect you from any dampness or mud, but it won't generate an insulating layer below your tent.

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I'm looking for a blanket to use for camping for the cooler October evening by the campfire. Wondering if this blanket would work?

The Kynetykon pocket blanket is perfect for the outdoors, where you can use it solely as a base layer to keep the moisture away from a softer blanket. Still, if you are using it by the campfire don't let it get close to flames because it could burn or possibly melt.

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Does this blanket allow moisture penetration of any kind or will it keep us dry sitting on wet ground (sand, grass) for extended periods?

The Kynetykon outdoor blankets are completely waterproof and will definitely keep you dry on wet ground. The blankets are made of a lightweight, durable material: 100% nylon with a 100% polyurethane coating. They are perfect for the beach, picnics, camping, all kind of outdoor activities.

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Will this keep you dry in a short rain shower if you cover yourself with it? Could this double as a rain fly? Is this sheet water-proof or water-resistant?

Yes, absolutely! You can cover yourself with the Kynetykon pocket blanket and stay completely dry in a rain shower because on one side it is PU coated and is 100% waterproof. So, this blanket can double as a very effective rain fly! The trick is to know the differences between the 2 sides. The waterproof side is the one with the corners pockets and with a visible cube pattern – this is the side that is usually placed against the ground. The other side is the soft one, which usually you sit on.

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How hot does this blanket get in the sun? Will this product block heat on concrete?

Our Kynetykon compact pocket blanket is made of a thin material and it will reduce the heat from the ground, but not completely block it. You can simply fold it many times and it will reduce the heat even more. It's a lightweight rip-stop and does not retain the heat. It is safe to use!

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Where is this product manufactured?

The Kynetykon pocket blanket is Designed in Lansing, Michigan & Made in China.

Can this go in carry on luggage? Is this item TSA approved?

The Kynetykon pocket blanket can definitely go in carry on luggage. It is not specifically TSA approved but we have never heard of anyone having an issue flying with one.

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Does the pocket blanket can be clipped onto a backpack or bag? Is there a built in carry case w/ strap to attach to the outside of luggage?

Yes, you can strap the Kynetykon pocket blanket on to a backpack or luggage. We provide a special designed pouch or drawstring bag along with a light aluminium-alloy carabiner, that can be used to clip the blanket to almost anything. The blanket folded and put in the bag fits in your hand, can be worn on your wrist, put in your pocket or just fastened to your belt, backpack, mountain bike etc.

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Does this have to be folded back up or can you just shove it back it the bag? Is it easy to get back into the little bag? Does it have markings to assist refolding?

Best if folded. Yes it's super easy to put the Kynetykon pocket blanket back in the bag. Our blanket does not have markings to assist refolding because we can assure you they are not necessary.

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Is this slippery when stepping on? I have a toddler and concern for falling...

The Kynetykon pocket blanket it’s not slippery, despite being very soft on the upper side, due to the satin finish. On the contrary, the material has a special adherence feature, which prevents slip or sliding. The blanket is very safe to use, for adults or children.

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Does it smell odor or chemicals?

Not at all. The Kynetykon pocket blanket actually smells good :-) ... it has the smell of something new.

Would this item be a nice present for my grandson? He goes hiking in the mountains a lot.

Definitely this would be a great present to your grandson! Not only that our pocket blanket is very compact and it folds really small, hence the „pocket” name, but it is also lightweight (0.5 pounds), waterproof, puncture resistant, very durable and it’s easy to hook on to a backpack or belt.

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