Can you clean it easily? How do you clean it? Is it machine washable?

Taking care of a Kynetykon pocket blanket is easy as they are usually made of sturdy quality nylon fabric does not not too attract much dirt, mud, or other substances that can make it dirty.

Even if it does get dirty after prolonged use, you can only use mild soap water to clean the dirt either by hand wash or in a washing machine, on a light cycle (although we wouldn't recommend it). Wash on cold.
Please do not put the pouch with the metal carabiner in the washing machine, as it may damage it!

Also, if it’s not too dirty, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth ... takes two minutes to clean and dry very fast ...

After washing the blanket you want to air dry it on a line - do not use the dryer! It would dry quickly, in a few minutes.

By the time you’re done cleaning, you’ll have a new like pocket blanket all ready to be used again.
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