Does it come with something to secure the loops to the ground? Does this come with stakes or tent pegs? How long are the stakes?

The Kynetykon pocket blanket is great because you have the option on pinning it down, it comes with 6 plastic stakes that are just like tent pegs. They are 5.7 inch long, enough for any type of terrain.

The 6 extra ground stakes for the 6 anchoring loops are included, which allow you to place your blanket in the safe and stable manner during any kind of weather. This anchoring system was designed with child safety in mind, because it doesn't allow any part of the blanket to stay loose and rise too much above the ground, which prevents children from tripping over the edges and falling during their play.

There are also corner pockets for rocks or sand if you'd like to weigh it down that way. But if you come across a REALLY windy day and the sand corners don’t seem to be doing the job well on the beach, you can always use the strong plastic stakes.

Thanks to the 6 anchoring loops, you can also use the blanket as a rain cover or even as a sunshade!
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