Which side goes up? Does it matter or can I use it on both sides?

The side with the logo printed on goes up. If you look closely, the fabric has a special cubic pattern, which is more visible on one side and less visible on the side with the white Kynetykon logo - that's another detail you can take in consideration when using the blanket. Also, the corner pockets are placed on the side which goes down – maybe this is the easiest way to figure it out how to use it.

The differences between the two sides are important because it will protect you depending on which side goes up and which down.
Why? Because the backing is waterproof while the top part is water repellent and soft. So, if you want to stay dry no matter the place where you are sitting, it is important to put the blanket down with the side that is waterproof, the one with the corner pockets, visible pattern and without the logo.

On the contrary, a different situation demands another approach. For example: CAMPING - in the case of a rare event where you may find that your tent has a leak, and it is raining, you can use your travel blanket with the waterproof side UP to cover the leakage. Just spread it over the top of your tent to provide a temporary cover so that you can spend the night in peace.
This technique can be applied in many situations where guarding the leak is of utmost necessity, and you have nothing but a pocket blanket in handy.

There other reasons to use the waterproof side properly, because it has special properties: water- and dustproof, durable, ripstop and tear resistant, puncture resistant, easy to clean and easy to wash.

Also, the upper side has special properties: the material that the KYNETYKON POCKET BLANKET is made of not only is it extremely durable, but also highly comfortable to sit on thanks to the satin fabric finish on top. This ensures also resistance to sun rays and heat, it is heat-reflective, it stays cool to touch even in the hot sun during summer.

Side 1 - UP

  • has logo on it
  • is very soft & breathable
  • does not have a pattern
  • is water repellent
  • satin fabric finish on top
  • heat-reflective - stays cool to the touch in the sun

Side 2 - DOWN

  • waterproof
  • sand- and dustproof
  • durable
  • riptop
  • tear resistant
  • puncture resistant
  • easy to clean and to wash
  • has visible cubic pattern
  • has 4 blue corner pockets
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