Is this blanket big enough for the whole family (2 adults and 2 kids)?

Unfolded, the Kynetykon Pocket Blanket has an IDEAL SIZE of 55"x70" - we designed it to fit 2 persons lying down in maximum comfort, but it’s also enough for 4 persons seated. So, it will fit the whole family of 2 adults and 2 kids.

It works well with the corners being weighted down at the beach, the 4 blue corner pockets can be filled with sand, stones or any other weights to hold the beach blanket down.
For windy days or any other type of terrain we have included 6 extra ground stakes for the 6 built-in anchoring loops, with child safety in mind first, so that no part of the blanket stays loose and rises too much above the ground.
This prevents children from tripping over the edges and falling during their play.
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