Does this blanket allow moisture penetration of any kind or will it keep us dry sitting on wet ground (sand, grass) for extended periods?

The Kynetykon outdoor blankets are completely waterproof and will definitely keep you dry on wet ground.

The blankets are made of a lightweight, durable material: 100% nylon with a 100% polyurethane coating. They are perfect for the beach, picnics, camping, all kind of outdoor activities.

First thing to consider when you buy a pocket blanket is material quality. You don’t want to compromise on quality just for the sake of saving a few bucks. The type of material that your blanket is made of would determine how comfortable it is and how suitable is it for carrying on your travels.
Our products are made of high-quality fabric that provides waterproof, dustproof, sand proof, puncture resistance and quick drying facility so that they can be used anywhere.

Whether you are going out on a picnic with family, hiking the Grand Canyon, or camping by the riverside, having a quality travel blanket would be indispensable for your comfort. Not only will they keep your dry, the blankets are extremely durable and compact, so they are perfect for your outdoor adventures!
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