Does this feel plastic material or more cotton cloth like material?

The Kynetykon outdoor blanket is made of high-quality nylon, therefore it has more of a light tarp-like feel to it. It's definitely not cotton cloth like material. Synthetic but not plastic like.

Because of the unique qualities of this material, it is 100% waterproof, sand proof, tear resistant, extremely durable and packs up to fit right into your hand!

Also, it is PU coated on one side to make it waterproof, and soft and breathable on the other side, making it very comfortable to lay on.

The material that the KYNETYKON POCKET BLANKET is made of not only is it extremely durable, but also highly comfortable to sit on thanks to the satin fabric finish. While other fabrics are stiff and noisy, our Premium Blanket will be your soft haven on outdoors.

If you like to snuggle and need something that’s soft and comfy for the entire duration of your outdoor activity, but durable and multi-purpose at the same time, then you need to have your own Kynetykon Travel Blanket.
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