Would this item be a nice present for my grandson? He goes hiking in the mountains a lot.

Definitely this would be a great present to your grandson!

Not only that our pocket blanket is very compact and it folds really small, hence the „pocket” name, but it is also lightweight (0.5 pounds), waterproof, puncture resistant, very durable and it’s easy to hook on to a backpack or belt.

Unfolded, the Kynetykon outdoor blanket has an ideal size of 55"x70" - we designed it to fit 2 persons lying down in maximum comfort, but it’s also enough for 4 persons seated. So, this great camping gear will fit your grandson and his friends, for an impromptu picnic along the hiking trail.

So, when you’re having a tough time picking out a gift for a friend or relative, you can always turn your aim towards travel gear because they can be used casually and for a bunch of other reasons.

Pocket blankets can be taken along on a family picnic or a park and used as a spot for people to sit on.

They can also be use at home when all other normal blankets have already been taken by guests.
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