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Kynetykon Multipurpose Pocket Blanket 55"x70"

- Camping & Hiking Gear
- Best Ultralight Waterproof Outdoor Blanket
- Ideal for all Outdoor Activities: Camping, Hiking,Trekking, Beach, Picnics, Parks, Concerts and Festivals, Cycling, Sports
You can use it as ground or car seat cover, bike rain cover accessory, dog or pet blanket, as stadium blanket at various sports events, the kids soccer games, festivals and concerts, or backyard BBQs.
You can protect very well your belongings from dust or moisture, if get caught outside in unfriendly weather.
We often use it to cover ourselves, the backpacks and the bikes, when making short trips on the hills but don't have any shelter near and the rain suddenly starts.
But how about protection when you are in real need, like when repairing your car or your bicycle? You will find it very useful as a working surface and you will save your clothing!

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