Kynetykon Multipurpose Pocket Blanket 55" x 70"

TRAVEL LIGHTER AND SMARTER and enjoy any outdoor activities anytime, anywhere.

The Kynetykon Pocket Blanket is a 55"x70" high-quality soft and waterproof nylon tarp packed in a compact drawstring bag. Never worry about that heavy blanket again. Just have fun and be happy with your loved ones!

A pocket blanket can prove to be a lifesaver when you’re traveling for extended periods and cannot afford to stuff too many items into your backpack. This is a useful accessory to have when you’re out camping, got stuck in an airport, or in situations where you’d want to rest comfortably without worrying about any dirt or debris ruining your clothes.

These blankets are also known as travel blankets, picnic blankets and camping blankets because they all serve the same purpose of providing you a temporary place to sit or relax without you having to go through too much hassle of carrying a heavy mattress to the destination.
The stylish 2-color design Kynetykon Pocket Blanket comes in a beautiful gift box, making it a great idea to offer a practical present to your friends and family.

We give you perfectly MATCHING ACCESSORIES:

- 1 multi-purpose ground cloth with 4 corner pockets and 6 anchoring loops
- 1 drawstring bag for easy carrying
- 1 clip carabiner
- 6 plastic ground tent stakes
- 1 leaflet with useful information and instructions for use
Kynetykon Multipurpose Pocket Blanket is a product which will ensure durability and suitability for any type of outdoor activity including spending time at the beach.
It not only gives you the ease to carry it around but allows you to fold it within a few seconds. You have a printed guide included in the package, which will aid you in folding it in just a few steps.
The drawstring bag with clip carabiner make it easier to take it with you wherever you travel.
The blanket is large and provides convenience and comfort for your family. You have the opportunity to stretch and read a book, take a nap or just simply relax enjoying the view of the ocean.
The blanket is not only sand proof like any other ordinary beach mat but is also waterproof.
The product ensures 100% manufacturer warranty and you have the convenience of returning it within 30 days with a refund if you are not satisfied with it.



First things first: you don’t want to compromise on quality just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

The type of material that your blanket is made of would determine how comfortable it is and how suitable is it for carrying on your travels. The best products are made of high-quality fabric that provides waterproof, dustproof, sand proof, and quick drying facility so that they can be used anywhere. Whether you are going out on a picnic with family, hiking the Grand Canyon, or camping by the riverside, having a quality travel blanket would be indispensable for your comfort.

The material that the KYNETYKON POCKET BLANKET is made of not only is it extremely durable, but also highly comfortable to sit on thanks to the satin fabric finish.

Our blanket's material has some outstanding qualities:

Water Repellent / Waterproof

If it rains, the blanket will protect you from the showers, keeping you dry. The backing is waterproof while the top part is water repellent, soft and warmer.

FREE TIP: In the case of a rare event where you may find that your tent has a leak, and it is raining, you can use your travel blanket to cover the leakage as they are perfectly waterproof. Just spread it over the top of your tent to provide a temporary cover so that you can spend the night in peace. This technique can be applied in many situations where guarding the leak is of utmost necessity, and you have nothing but a pocket blanket in handy.

Durable / Ripstop / Tear Resistant

The choice of fabric for this pocket blanket is what makes it perfectly suited for the treacherous outdoor conditions. The Kynetykon Premium Pocket Blanket is made of 100% woven ripstop nylon along with a durable water repellent (DWR) PU coating, and that helps keep you dry in wet and muddy conditions.
Whether it is sharp edged rocks, sticks or insects, this blanket will not tear under any circumstances. This Kynetykon Premium Pocket Blanket is as tough as they come.

Is this what you want? Want the best deal? Buy now!

Puncture Resistant

The blankets are also designed in a way that they are puncture resistant meaning that sharp objects such as rocks and branches will not be able to poke a hole through things very easily. This is perfect for anyone who has pets such as cats and dogs who just love to play with this stuff and bite causing the blankets to puncture. But with the Kynetykon Pocket Picnic Blanket, you won’t have to worry about that no more.

The durability of the Kynetykon Pocket Blanket is undoubtedly one of its strongest points. The fabric material ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the subject of durability. Hence, the Kynetykon Pocket is surely one of the durable pocket blankets available in the market today. Its unrivaled toughness, coupled with its waterproof feature make it possible to use in a wide range of treacherous outdoor conditions.

You can rest assured that this pocket blanket will easily win the battle against sharp rocks, twigs or thorns, and insects.

Sand proof / Dust proof

The Kynetykon Pocket Blanket’s fabric material makes it possible for it to endure almost every kind of outdoor scenario - no sand particles are absorbed by the surface of this product. It is sand proof and even dust proof, which means there is no chance that your clothes will get dirty while you’re sitting on top of this blanket.
Don’t worry; use of this blanket is not just limited to those who travel a lot or are into adventure sports but also casual users who just want to hang out at the park or simply get a tan by chilling by the beach side.

This is surely the best-suited fabric material for pocket blankets.

Easy to Clean / Easy to Wash

Taking care of a pocket blanket is easy as they are usually made of sturdy quality nylon fabric does not attract too much dirt, mud, or other substances that can make it dirty. Even if it does get dirty after prolonged use, you can only use mild soap water to clean the dirt either by hand wash. You cannot machine wash it!
After washing the blanket you want to air dry it so it doesn’t shrink! On a windy day, it will only need 15 minutes to dry completely.
By the time you’re done cleaning, you’ll have a new like pocket blanket all ready to be used again.

Regular washing and cleaning can add many years to the life of a pocket blanket, and by spending just a few minutes washing with regular soap and water, you can ensure that it remains ready for use whenever required.

Heat-Reflective / Cool to the Touch

Headed to the beach with no towel? Bring this Compact Blanket along, as it is heat-reflective. It stays cool to touch even in the hot sun during summer. The top soft satin finish ensures also resistance to sun rays and heat.

However, this lightweight picnic blanket isn't intended for warmth, and despite its size, it won't keep you warm if hiking or camping.

While other fabrics are stiff and noisy, our Premium Blanket will be your soft haven on outdoors

If you like to snuggle and need something that’s soft and comfy for the entire duration of your outdoor activity, but durable and multi-purpose at the same time, then you need to have your own Kynetykon Travel Blanket.

Why should people consider the Kynetykon picnic pocket blanket?
Regardless of your personality, you need a picnic blanket to lie down on the lush grass at the park or by the creek alone or with a loved one(s). You don't want to stand up to a wet and a stained rear, do you now? A picnic blanket gives you that peace of mind – knowing that you are sitting on the ground but on a beautiful and a protective mat. At the same time, a picnic blanket keeps away the creepy-crawlies, you know them – the annoying ants, scary spiders, roaches, etc. will not easily attack or visit you. This means that you will enjoy your quiet and alone time in nature's company or the company of your friends or family.
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