Small enough to fit in your hand or your pocket

Our ultralight nylon blanket packs in a tight and compressed drawstring pouch. The small bag fits in your hand, can be worn on your wrist, put in your pocket or just fastened to your belt or backpack.
It’s simply a very portable must-have equipment!


6 anchoring loops for extra safety

Kynetykon's beach blanket is great because you have the option on pinning it down.
6 extra ground stakes for the 6 anchoring loops are included, which allow you to place your blanket in the safe and stable manner during any kind of weather. Not mentioning that this anchoring system was designed with child safety in mind, because it doesn't allow any part of the blanket to stay loose and rise too much above the ground, which prevents children from tripping over the edges and falling during their play.
And if you come across a REALLY windy day and the sand corners don’t seem to be doing the job well, you can always use the strong plastic stakes.
Thanks to the 6 anchoring loops, you can also use the blanket as a rain cover or even as a sunshade!

4 handy corner sand / weights pockets

This pocket blanket comes in an elegant 2 color design, the main color is dark grey and the secondary is sky blue, just a narrow touch at one end. Also, on the side that is against the ground (the one with the cube pattern), there are 4 corner pockets included, of the same beautiful blue color.
These can be filled with sand, stones or other heavy objects to weight it down. The sand pockets make it perfect for the beach. You can fill the large pockets with sand to ensure your beach blanket stays firmly stuck to the ground on a windy day. The sand pockets also double up as phone holders to keep your smartphone tucked away while you sit down and relax.

These extra features are really useful if you want your pocket blanket to be as versatile as possible.
Seriously, what more could you ask from a small pocket blanket?

In our opinion, the Kynetykon Portable Pocket Blanket does everything you could ask from a pocket blanket and then some more. If you are still skeptical about purchasing this product, then the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee offering should certainly seal the deal for you.

Why not buy smarter and enjoy this extremely versatile blanket anywhere

What are the advantages of owning an outdoor blanket?
Many people enjoy the freedom that these outdoor blankets provide. Outdoor blankets are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Since most pocket blankets are made from tear-resistant, waterproof fabric, they are perfect for any harsh conditions.

When it comes to the subject of versatility, the Kynetykon Premium Pocket Blanket reigns supreme!
Our company proudly states that you can use their pocket blanket in many different scenarios. While it can be spread on the ground for 2 people to lie down and relax, it can also be used as a table cloth and more!
It can also be spread on the ground in parks and camping areas to sit on. On top of that, the sand pockets can be filled up with sand, making it perfect for windy days at the beach.

When it comes to camping, having a pocket blanket ready can truly define how fun your trip goes. Indeed, this piece of equipment is a must have item in a travelers rucksack because of the dozens of ways you can use it when needed. You definitely need a tent or tarp to sit, lay back and relax after a day full of trekking. It is difficult to take all the items with you as they kill much space in your backpack.

It can be used also as a tent or tarp which protects you from rain and sun shade.
You will find it very useful also as a working surface when repairing your car or bicycle, or you find yourself in a situation where you have to lay down on dirt but you don't want to ruin your clothes.

So it is always advisable to choose a product with feature versatility. Remember, that chosen product should facilitate all your needs.
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